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Honey Cleanse

15 reviews

Do you have problems with sensitive skin prone to pimples?

This edible honey facial cleanser cleans your sensitive skin without irritating it.

★ Removes blackheads and moisturizes the skin

★ Combats acne-causing bacteria and has an anti-inflammatory effect

★ Supports wound healing and reduces skin redness

★ Strengthens sensitive skin and protects against irritation

★ One pack lasts 30 days (with daily use)

★ 100% natural, NOT tested on animals

★ 30 days money back guarantee

Ingredients: oatmeal flour, rice flour, honey extract, rosemary powder, chamomile powder, marigold


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Customer Reviews
4.9 Based on 15 Reviews
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    Perfect NATURAL Everyday Cleanser + Gentle Exfoliant for DRY, SENSITIVE SKIN.

    My skin type: Dry / Acne Prone / Sensitive Skin What I love most about the Honey Cleanse: All of its natural ingredients and how great it makes my skin feel. I love that oats are a primary ingredient in this product. They are a gentle, all-natural exfoliator that makes my skin feel so soft and smooth after using this product. My skin always feels refreshed, cleansed and glowing. I love that you’re able to use the product as an everyday cleanser or as a mask. It’s easy to mix the powder with a bit of water in your hand and rub on your face. When I’m using it as a mask, I typically apply it with a brush, let it sit for 5-10 minutes, re-massage it into my skin and then rinse it off. My skin is always so smooth and glowing after.

    Jeannine D.
    It actually works!

    When first testing those beloved beauty masks I was a little sceptical because barely any skin products have worked for me so far. But after using the honey mask for some weeks I could already notice a difference: My skin was way softer and my acne got a lot better (of course it didn‘t completely disappear since it is mainly caused by hormonal issues). And one more thing I have to mention here: Omg this mask smells sooo good!!!

    United States United States
    Definitely would recommend!

    Within minutes, my skin is held tight together. When I rinsed it off, My face felt so fresh and cool as if I put cucumber on it. Feels like I got a brand new skin!

    Canada Canada
    Very satisfied!

    People love natural products and they know what is in it. I am gonna continue using it as a facemask and a daily cleanser.

    Canada Canada
    This honey cleanser is amazing!

    I have dry, sensitive skin that is prone to acne from time to time. Ever since using this cleanser, I’ve noticed changes in my skin tone and complexion. I can feel that my skin is smoother and firmer. Would definitely recommend this to anyone!

    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    I am a fan of the brand!

    I love these products as they are natural and effective. It's a brand I would continue using!

    United States United States
    Honey Cleanse is PHENOMENAL!

    I suffer from sensitive and congested skin. This has literally made my skin appear poreless and dewy just within 2 days! My family have been asking me about it.It doesn’t irritate my skin as well, even though the honey and oat bits exfoliates. I’m so surprised how effective this edible skincare is. Love this product

    Marissa G.
    United States United States
    Very satisfied!

    I have been using the daily cleanse and I have been absolutely loving it. I leave it on for couple minutes then I rinse it off. It makes my pores look really small. It smells really good and it’s very natural, which is really really important to me.

    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Once you use it, you will never go back to anything else.

    I really like this cleanser and would buy it again. I figured the best way to use it is to have it on for a few minutes, then I would jump into the shower and rinse it off. I love this Cleanser. Probably the best cleanser I have come across

    Germany Germany
    Hilft bei Pickeln

    Der cleanser hat mir echt geholfen, es entstehen viel weniger neue Pickel im Nasenbereich und den Wangen. Echt gut.

    Germany Germany
    Weiche Haut

    Ich hab ihn letzte Woche ausprobiert und das ist wirklich der beste Cleanser. Meine Haut ist viel weicher als vorher

    Carolin P.
    Germany Germany
    Sanft zur Haut

    Der honey cleanse ist sehr sanft zur Haut und fühlt sich natürlich an. Da sind keine Geruchsstoffe drin, riecht eher pflanzlich. Insgesamt sehr gut.

    Germany Germany
    Tolle Produkte

    Tolle Produkte. Meine Haut wirkt gesünder.

    Germany Germany

    Chemiefrei und organisch. Top!

    Strecker W.
    Germany Germany
    Hautbild verbessert

    Richtig übelst gut und meine Haut fühlt sich im Anschluss an wie nach einer Behandlung. Feier ich.

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