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"Now I just pop this bad boy on and I can do anything"

- Angela Rose

Beloved Savior
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Beloved Period Saviour

Instantly relieve period cramps.

Instantly Soothe Period Cramps with Beloved Period Saviour.

SAVIOUR WORKS. Period.(No pun intended)

You can finally leave your pain, despair, and loss of control behind, with just one click of a button.

100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

Grab yours today and may your life never be the same again.

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Say goodbye to harsh painkillers and hello to natural, fast relief.

Our device is designed to provide dynamic heat and massage to your lower abdomen, targeting the source of your cramps.

The heat helps to increase blood flow and reduce muscle tension, while the massage further relaxes your muscles and provides a sense of comfort.

Why Thousands of Women Love This

"My period pain is gone and my tummy is not icy anymore"

"All my life, I was unable to do things when my period came around. It was hard to ask people for help because they would shame or embarrass me and call me weak or a burden... And it works! My period pain is gone and my tummy is not icy anymore. It lets me get up again and curb the pain from my cramps.  

 "Now I just pop this bad boy on and I can do anything"

"With this product I’m actually able to function like a normal human on my period! Prior I would have to call out sick, and miss events because my pain was so bad. Now I just pop this bad boy on and I can do anything" 

 "Thanks to this product I'm not confined to my bed all day with heating packs and blankets"

"The band will adjust to any body, and its descreet enough to wear under your clothes anywhere! It has great massage functions and gets way hotter than I expected (a good thing). :)"

"This portable heater has been such a help"

"As someone who suffers from horrible period cramps and lower back aches, this portable heater has been such a help. Easy to set up with the rechargeable battery & generates a perfect amount of heat. It’s discreet to wear under clothes & has even helped me as I coached soccer in the freezing outdoor weather."

"Came just in time for my period!"

"My cramps are the worst during the first or two days and even with painkillers. The heating pad definitely helps alleviate some of the pain, and it lasts for a good while before I have to recharge it."

"Husband of the year!"

"I bought this for my wife to relieve her cramps and she absolutely loves it!The warmth and vibrations are very soothing!Do your lady a favor during that time of the month, you’ll both be happy!"


"Where has this been all my life!?!?Wearing it, first time, after fully charging and it feels wonderful. I need it for lower-back Arthritis. Packaged very nicely, easy to operated on an elasticized/adjustable belt...fits my 3x body. "

"Life Safer"

"So I recently developed endometriosis and am suffering from cramps so bad that I could not do anything but just lay in bed with my heating pad. And as any women knows we just can't do that we have to work, take care of kids and we'll life. I saw this and thought whats the worst thing I don't like it and send it back. We I'm here to say OMG this product has saved me. I can just it on under my clothes at work and no one knows I'm wearing. And I can go on about my day. Can't love this product even.💕💕💕💕💕💕"

Easy as 1-2-3

Put her on...

Wrap Saviour around your body with her adjustable strap.

press a button...

Turn Saviour on and choose from 3  heat settings.

and relax.

You're done! Let Saviour take care of the rest while you enjoy a pain-free life.

Ditch the Pills

We all hate taking them, but for most of us, it was non-negotiable. Now we can say good bye to all of them and their side effects like constipation, nauseousness, drowsiness.

And we aren't going to miss them. 


Goodbye Cramps

Equipped with 3 adjustable levels of heat and massage to melt away even the worst cramp.

Saviour starts working instantly to soothe your cramp. Our cutting-edge technology delivers precise, targeted relief where you need it most, so you can get back to your day-to-day activities without interruption

Hello Cozy Period!


Don't Let Load Shedding Leave You Helpless.

Traditional corded heater pads fall short, and hot water bottles can pose health risks. When the power goes out, it can be a challenge to find relief without turning to medication.

Welcome a new level of comfort during power outages with our reliable and efficient product.


100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

Grab Yours Today And Start Living Life Cramp Free

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